Alice Gear Aegis Plastic Model Kit Kaede Agatsuma Kaiden Form 18 cm

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  • výrobné číslo: KTOKP526
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The latest model to join Kotobukiya\'s original Megami Device series is top actress Kaede Agatsuma in her Kaiden form as can be seen in the popular mobile game, Alice Gear Aegis!

This kit also includes a special code to use in the game!

The character and gear were designed by Fumikane Shimada, and the ace suit was designed by Pyramid, Inc!

Kaede Agatsuma [Kaiden] uses a newly revamped model based on the previously released Kaede Agatsuma model kit. This model kit is the first rendition to be based on the ace suit costume that was worn in-game. Eye decals have been renewed with R66\'s charm, keeping the look model kit as close to the original as possible.

Like the other models in the Megami Device series, Kaede consists of the base \"machinika\" body designed by Masaki Apsy as well as signature armor and weapons designed specifically for this addition to the Megami Device line. To stay true to the proportions from the game, this model kit uses a new \"machinika\" design with the ace suit.

The Plastic Model Kit stands approx. 18 cm tall.