Black Butler Book of Circus ARTFXJ Statue 1/8 Ciel Phantomhive 18 cm --- DAMAGED PACKAGING

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  • výrobné číslo: KTOPP583DAP
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Damaged packaging

Kotobukiya proudly presents a new addition to the ARTFXJ line with a character from Black Butler Book of Circus: Ciel Phantomhive! Ciel stands 18 cm (7.1 inches) tall in 1/8 scale.

Highly detailed sculpt brings Ciel to life with all the fine details you expect from Kotobukiya from the bootstraps to the folds in his clothing. Ciel leans back on a beautifully carved black horse base, part of a beautiful display for any collector.

Display alone or alongside other Black Butler statues from Kotobukiya!

Damaged packaging. Product itself is not damaged