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Harry potter my favourite movie action figure 1/6 wormtail (peter pettigrew) deluxe ver. 30 cm

  • EAN: 4897057880732
  • výrobné číslo: STAC0073
Peter Pettigrew aka \"Wormtail\" was instrumental in resurrecting Lord Voldemort in \"Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire\" and had originally been best friends with Harry\'s father and Sirius Black when they were boys at Hogwarts. Wormtail became an animagus like the other boys and his animal form was a rat. He stayed a rat for many years as the family pet of the Weasley family, hiding out from the wizard authorities.

This 1/6th scale figure of Pettigrew features a lifelike portrait of Timothy Spall as Wormtail from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. He comes with his wand, the knife used to take blood from Harry for the resurrection ceremony, the silver hand gifted to him by Lord Voldemort, a bone from the Dark Lord and his rat form - Scabbers.

The deluxe figure has the added accessory of the \"baby\" Lord Voldemort.