Line Friends D-Stage PVC Diorama Love Letter 16 cm

  • EAN: 4711203441649
  • výrobné číslo: BKDDS-103
LINE FRIENDS are ready to \'Stage Your Dreams\' with an exclusive collection of 4 wonderfully magical D-Stage dioramas to warm your hearts this season!

The D-Stage dioramas under Beast Kingdom\'s \'Entertainment Experience Brand\' bring the LINE FRIENDS to life in a vividly imagined 360 degree designed mini figurine with its very own backdrop. With four unique styles to collect, each diorama stands at 16cm in height. A variety of super cute characters are awaiting your collection to be loved and cherished today!

Love Letter:Love Love Love~ Cony\'s wonderfully intimate valentines letter to Brown is sealed with a kiss!

Sport Club:Sally is wearing her batting helmet and is following Brown to the pitching practice. Let\'s watch them play!

Hot Dog:Brown\'s latest business venture is off to a great start. Hot Dogs are the specialty. What is your favorite flavor?

Beach:Chilling and sunbathing, the ultimate summer getaway is happening with a little help from Brown and Sally. Will you join their tanning session?