Marvel Comics Mini Co. Deluxe PVC Figure Jean Grey (X-Men) 28 cm

  • EAN: 609963128358
  • výrobné číslo: IS12835
Iron Studios proudly presents its first MiniCo line of Marvel\'s most beloved mutant superheroes, the X-Men, one of the most requested series by fans and collectors, in Iron Studios\' stylized Toy Art version. The collection is based on the design of comics from the 1990s, one of the most popular and cult phases of the group, with a diorama scenario of the heroes on top of a scrap of a Sentinel Robot, one of their classic enemies, and explores the most striking traits of each of the eight characters that complete the entire diorama.

\"Jean Gray - X-Men - MiniCo - Iron Studios\" statue, the powerful X-Men telepath levitates with her telekinetic power over the remains of the Sentinel\'s head defeated by the incredible group of mutant heroes, and creating in her raised right hand a small cosmic firebird, the avatar of her Phoenix Force. Originally known as Marvel Girl, and later Phoenix, she is the most powerful member of the group, feared even by the most terrible enemies, and alongside Cyclops, they are to this day one of the oldest and most beloved couples in Marvel.

Size: 28 x 16 x 13 cm