Original Character by Aruchu Kizuki Statue 1/4 Dancing Girl Lin Feng 44 cm

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  • výrobné číslo: BIND60033
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Dancing Girl \"Lin Feng\" by artist Aruchu Kizuki

Introducing a 1/4 scale figure of original character bunny girl Lin Feng by Aruchu Kizuki, an illustrator popular the world over.

We\'ve carefully captured the beautiful long hair and sleek body line emblematic of Aruchu Kizuki\'s female illustrations. The shawl that envelops her body, fluttering long hair, and all other features particular to the illustration have been included without exception in this figure.

Of course there are some elements you can only enjoy in figure form, such as the upper and lower costume portions that can be removed. Watch her perform a private dance just for you, in the body she was born with.

Be sure to request your dancing girl \"Lin Feng\" by name.
Created by RETAILYS.