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Original character by yanyo statue 1/4 yuyu bunny ver. 36 cm

  • EAN: 4589890600324
  • výrobné číslo: BIND60032
An extra large figure of popular illustrator Yanyo\'s trademark character \"Yuyu!\" We\'ve faithfully recreated her erotic pose, with her inviting bunny costume and hips thrust upward in ecstasy.

Her face may seem laden with shame, but look at the way she fiercely grabs her bottom, and those long smooth thighs. Her breasts seem like they could spill out of that bra at any moment - you can take it off, or leave it on no problem. And the way the red costume compliments her porcelain skin is beyond sexy!

Pubic hair decal is included, which you can add if you like for even more fun.

The moment you\'ve been waiting for - your chance to get famed idol \"Yuyu-chan\" all to yourself is finally here.

Be sure to show her a good time.