Shunya Yamashita Military Qty\'s Plastic Model Kit 1/20 PLAMAX MF-42 minimum factory Miyuki Makeup ED

  • EAN: 4545784012031
  • výrobné číslo: MAFC01203
The fourth of the Makeup Edition series is Miyuki!

The Shunya Yamashita Military Qty\'s collection of \"minimum factory\" plastic models continues with new \"Makeup Edition\" plastic models from the series, featuring a simple tan color, allowing you easily paint your very own model.

The fourth model in the series is Miyuki. Have fun thinking up and painting your own color scheme! Eye decals are included. An illustration of an original color scheme by Shunya Yamashita along with a booklet of tips (Japanese) for painting the model using Citadel Paint is included. The tip booklet for Miyuki features Citadel\'s new Contrast paint series.