Transformers Action Figure Super Cyborg Soundwave (Soundblaster) 28 cm

  • EAN: 840049810907
  • výrobné číslo: SUP7-SU-TRANSW01-SDW-03
The resurrected clone of Soundwave following a fatal duel, Soundblaster carries on the role of Decepticon spy and intelligence officer in his absence. Like all of the Super Cyborg lineup, this figure stands 11\" tall and features seven points of articulation along with a removable torso panel so you can see the inner workings of this awesome Transformer. Soundblaster features a menacing dark color scheme and comes with a removable cassette that fits inside his chest, as well as his shoulder cannon and concussion blaster accessories. Take your Transformers collection to the next level with the new Super Cyborg Soundblaster figure!